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​​Serving Rutherford County and the Surrounding Areas

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  • City/County Control Networks
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Surveys for Fence Installation
  • Topographic Surveys
  • FEMA Elevation Certifications
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Sign Certifications and Site Plans
  • Geodetic Control Layout for Mapping
  • Subdivision of Land

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  • Before buying a property. Some states require a boundary survey before the purchase of a property. While that is not yet the case in Tennessee, it is certainly wise to have a licensed surveyor confirm the property boundaries before you buy. This could alert the buyer to any encroachments, gaps, or easements with the potential purchase. If the property is in a flood plain, the lender may also require an elevation certificate, provided by a licensed surveyor, before closing.
  • Before installing a fence or building a structure. To protect the investment of any permanent structure, you'll want to know exactly where your property boundaries lie before beginning installation or construction. (This typically is required by your local Building and Codes Department.) We can confirm and clearly flag property lines for the convenience of the fencing company or building contractor.
  • To determine flood zones. When refinancing a property in a determined or potential flood plain, the lender, insurance company, or other agency may require an elevation certificate to determine your property's location in a flood zone.
  • To certify sign and flag pole placement. Most cities have ordinances requiring a site plan and certification before erecting any permanent sign or flag pole. We provide the certification and/or site plan to be included in your permit application. 
  • To divide property. When settling an estate or dividing large tracts, we can divide the land to your specifications and provide legal descriptions and the plat, if needed, for recording at your local courthouse.